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Biaggi and Joey Rodriguez. What a fine fuck! (1320M). Added 9/1/14

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I didn’t really have a clue what tumblr was when I first started posting. I thought it would be my own private stash of hot Black Irish Men. Little did I know there would be others out there just as into these guys as me.

So, to all the Black Irish lovers out there—Here are some of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Black Irish men (in no particular order):

  1. Ryan Stack (British porn actor)
  2. Ryan Stack
  3. Paddy O’Brian (British porn actor)
  4. Bravo Delta (American porn actor)
  5. Josh Harris (Australian porn actor)
  6. Josh Harris
  7. Josh Long (American porn actor)
  8. Christopher Meloni (non-porn actor)
  9. Colin Quinn (non-porn designer, artist and all around great man)

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